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Democratizing Youth Entrepreneurship

What do we exactly do?


A weekly Marketing & Entrepreneurship podcast series.

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"The Online Startup


A premium startup competition for young potential entrepreneurs happening just online.

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  • Advice for your digital marketing strategy.

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Wifimilk's mission

To Widen youth entrepreneurship in the world. aims to become the world’s first accelerator of ideas and increase the number of young potential entrepreneurs around the globe, by providing knowledge, mentorship, and creating a stimulus by running, “The Online Startup Competition”.

We are committed to democratizing the access to entrepreneurship.

Past Events streamed its last event in November 2019 in San Francisco with 4 startup founders:

  • Hap Klopp (Founder of The North Face)

  • Guillaume De Dordolot (Founder of Startup BaseCamp)

  • Tobias Mikalsen (Founder of Done.)

  • Anne Cocquyt (Founder of The Guild)

The panelists talked about failure and how important it is to use this experience to succeed. Failure is a topic that no one wants to talk about, but we believe it must be shown in order to improve. 

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