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A weekly podcast about Youth Entrepreneurship

We feature young entrepreneurs, startup mentors, venture capitalists (VC), among others. We are aware under-30 founders tend to not be taken seriously. This way, current entrepreneurs, and young aspiring entrepreneurs get inspired and eventually overcome their fears. 
We have had Y-Combinator (YC) founders, Amazon & Udemy bestsellers, a General Partner at 500 Startups, startups with $15+ Million in funding, among others. And since we like the number 30 so much, guess what? Our listeners are from over 30 countries! 


  • We talk about the founders' stories, the challenges they've faced, and everything around it. So if you are a startup guru, join us on this journey and start listening to the podcast!​

  • Some episodes are in form of audio articles, which are brought to you by Read them on our blog.

Apply to speak on the Podcast!

You must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Currently be or have been a startup founder

  • Be a startup mentor

  • Be a VC/Angel investor

  • Startup attorney 

  • OR if you are somehow in the startup world and you think you can bring interesting insights, feel free to apply

Have in mind that even though we would like to have all your startup stories on the podcast, it might take us a while to get there so bear with us. :)

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Featured Episodes 

Seasons 1, 2, & 3

2 Million App Downloads - Alex Genadinik

Real Estate Empire in College - Matthew D. Fisher

General Partner at 500 Startups Istanbul -
Enis Hulli

Founded the Venmo for Bitcoin -
Prashanth Balasubramanian

Season 3 streaming NOW!

Our Guests: 

Lorenzo Grillo at Podcast

Lorenzo Grillo

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Dhanush Manjunath at Podcast

Dhanush Manjunath

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Kenneth Pranoto at Podcast

Kenneth Pranoto

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Roger Lopez Benet at Podcast

Roger Lopez Benet

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Sascha Djmal at Podcast

Sascha Dajmal

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Alex Genadinik at Podcast

Alex Genadinik

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Amadeus Lombardi at Podcast

Amadeus Lombardi

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Denis Mamaqi at Podcast

Denis Mamaqi

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Ambroise de la Gorce at Podcast

Ambroise de La Gorce

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Abhishek Nath at Podcast

Abhishek Nath

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Ben Hill at Podcast

Benjamin Hill

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Andy Letting at Podcast

Andy Letting

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Matthew D. Fisher at Podcast

Matthew D. Fisher

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Arnau Fabrega Danes at Podcast

Arnau Fabrega

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Prashanth Balasubramanian at Podcast

Prashanth Balasubramanian

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Enis Hulli, General Partner at 500 Startups at Podcast

Enis Hulli

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Sneha Lundia Agrawal at Podcast

Sneha Lundia Agrawal

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Alexander Jivov at Podcast

Alexander Jivov

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Hap Klopp

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More episodes coming!

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Check out our Guests & their episodes

The Latest Audio Podcast:

Episodes List:

Season 1 

Aired in May 2020


  1. Marketing during COVID-19 (pilot episode)

  2. No failure in Silicon Valley? - featuring Roger Lopez Benet

  3. First startup Experience - featuring Lorenzo Grillo

  4. When Lorenzo met Gary Vaynerchuck - featuring Lorenzo Grillo

  5. Organizing a 200-people hybrid event with Startup Founders in San Francisco - featuring Keneth Pranoto

  6. Building a Music Empire - featuring Sascha Djmal

  7. Insights of starting a Music Business - featuring Sascha Djmal

  8. Running a hotel business in India - featuring Dhanush Manjunath

  9. Running a Hotel during COVID-19 - featuring Dhanush Manjunath

  10. The END (of Season 1)

Season 2 

Aired in February 2021


  1. 2 Million App Downloads - featuring Alex Genadinik [Part 1]

  2. Bestseller on Amazon and Udemy - featuring Alex Genadinik [Part 2]

  3. Startup admitted at President Clinton's CGIU - featuring Amadeus Lombardi [Part 1]

  4. 21-year-old founder featured by BBC - featuring Amadeus Lombardi [Part 2]

  5. Ecommerce startup started in High School - featuring Abhishek Nath [Part 1]

  6. Influencer marketing with over 2 Million followers - featuring Abhishek Nath [Part 2]

  7. Real Estate Empire in College - featuring Matthew D. Fisher [Part 1]

  8. Major Mistakes Under-30 Entrepreneurs Make - featuring Matthew D. Fisher [Part 2]

  9. What to Avoid as a Young Founder - featuring Denis Mamaqi [Part 1]

  10. Why isn't your Startup your Baby - featuring Denis Mamaqi [Part 2]

  11. The next Tiktok, for charity - featuring Benjamin Hill [Part 1]

  12. Pivoting during COVID - featuring Benjamin Hill [Part 2]

  13. Manufacturing in China through Alibaba - featuring Arnau Fabrega [Part 1]

  14. Why small influencers perform better - featuring Arnau Fabrega [Part 2]

  15. Founded 4 startups in Dublin & Paris - featuring Ambroise de La Gorce [Part 1]

  16. When is the Beta version ready? - featuring Ambroise de La Gorce [Part 2]

  17. How to not spam your customers? - featuring Andy Letting [Part 1]

  18. Placing ads on new social networks - featuring Andy Letting [Part 2]

  19. Founded the Venmo for Bitcoin - featuring Prashanth Balasubramanian [Part 1]

  20. Admitted to YCombinator - featuring Prashanth Balasubramanian [Part 2]

  21. What do you want to be remembered for? - Bonus Episode

Stay tuned! 
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  • Weekly episode releases

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