"The Online Startup Competition"

As part of Wifimilk.com, we are commited to Democratizing Youth Entrepreneurship.

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The Competition

BusinessRoyale.com is the first ONLINE competition of Startups made for young potential entrepreneurs around the world with one solid mission, to democratize the access to entrepreneurship among the youth using competition as key element.


Who is eligible ?

BusinessRoyale.com Participant
  • Anyone under 25 years old can Apply.

  • No matter from what country you are from. We welcome anyone.

  • Only the best make it to phase #1

  • If you love entrepreneurship, join us!

Who is eligible ?


How does it work? >

BusinessRoyale.com Competition

How Does it work ?

  • Applications close 1 month before the start.

  • Prior to the event, you will be taught the basics.

  • There are 20 teams of up to 4 people.

  • There are 4 phases, 3 of them eliminatory.​ (Duration = 2 weeks)​.


Why should I join? 

BusinessRoyale.com Prize

Why should I join ?

  • We give you the tools you are missing to become an entrepreneur.

  • You get to be part of our Alumni Network.

  • Our Streaming gives you exposure to potential Investors and/ or Co-founders.

  • No one believes in young people. We DO.

Participants Platform
Investors Platform

Competition Streaming

  • We believe young people must have the chance to build a Startup, therefore we have created an online show, where each team will get exposure to potential Investors and/ or Co-founders.

  • Don't worry, no one will steal your ideas! Anyone who watches the show must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • The streaming is for free and available everywhere.

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Show Streaming

About Us

We are proud to be part of  the Wifimilk.com ecosystem

This started as a hobby of our Founder, Roger Lopez Benet, who is in love with entrepreneurship since he was a kid. He has always been involved in startup projects since the age of 12 when he opened his first social media platform in Middle School. But as he likes to say "I've created many projects, but I’ve always encountered the difficulties young people have, in order to be taken seriously" (Roger Lopez Benet, 2019).

This is why Wifimilk.com created BusinessRoyale.com, "The Online Startup Competition", to establish a new normality and democratize the access to youth entrepreneurship around the world.

Roger Lopez Benet, Founder of Wifimilk.com

Founder of Wifimilk.com

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