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Our History

Roger 2023 LinkedIn pic 4 with lines fail not bright FINAL.png's Founder, Roger Lopez Benet

Wifimilk's 1st logo (2012)'s 1st logo (2012)

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Who is Roger Lopez Benet?

Roger is a 24-year-old marketer and entrepreneur who has developed and launched many projects since the age of 12 when he developed his own social network site back in middle school.

He is the founder of, Nexting Labs LLC, and, with which he is committed to democratizing access to youth entrepreneurship, to make it possible for young people to start their businesses while being taken seriously.

How did Wifimilk start? started as a hobby of our founder, Roger Lopez Benet.

“I like to say it’s always been in me but building Lego towers made grow my dreams and develop my imagination” (Roger Lopez Benet, 2019)

Back in 2012, Roger watched the movie “The Social Network” and before it ended, he had already decided he was going to create a startup. He has always been curious about startups and technology therefore with Zuckerberg’s success story in mind, Roger taught himself HTML5 and created his first website at the age of 12, (*shut down some years ago). He added a chat and a couple of games made with PowerPoint and successfully attracted a big amount of monthly active users.

After that success, he started a clothing brand called RedWay Brand and outsold all the stock. The profit he made from that was all invested in starting his next project, let’s call it “Project 1”. This project was reimagined 4 or 5 times from being a social network like Snapchat to being an only text messaging app to becoming a video game.

Once that was over, the back then 15-year-old came up with a very catchy name that originates back from his English classes with his personal teacher David. Roger just like most kids used to write English words wrongly so his teacher made him write them on a board, which contained “Wi-Fi” and “Milk”. That’s where the Wifimilk name comes from. With that name in mind he made a logo and a whole business idea around it, but little he knew businesses don’t originate from a name or a logo and it’s the other way around. So his e-commerce/social media platform failed. After this, he moved to San Francisco where he participated in a startup incubator at his University, Hult International Business School. There, together with his classmate Rafael Oria, they started a ranking platform but again 5 months after the launch it failed.

web history path 1.0.png
Roger Lopez Benet and Rafael Oria pitching's business

This is why Roger took a gap year in his startup projects to figure out how he could make his new business venture. This is how he came up with, “The Online Startup Competition”. This new platform was born to allow people like him to succeed in creating startups or serious projects at such a young age.

“I've created many projects, but I’ve always encountered the difficulties young people have, in order to be taken seriously" (Roger Lopez Benet, 2019)”.

This is one of the challenges he has had to face throughout his 24-year-old life and this is what he is fighting for with the help of and Join us and let’s all change the world in a very competitive and fun way!

Rafael Oria & Roger Lopez Benet at a startup pitch in 2017

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