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A project born 6 years ago

An online 


We will go global, therefore we need your help                          

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We're building a global online platform for our business CLUB & COMPETITIONS. We estimate to get 1,000 monthly active users during the first year. And an expected net profit of $4,450 throughout the same preiode of time.

From Barcelona is based in Barcelona, a Mediterranean city with the highest startup rate in Southern Europe

We go from Barcelona to the world thanks to our representatives abroad.

With plans of future international bases extention.

A Multiple Platform is a multiple platform, where people from all arround the world, no matter from what country, age (+16), and beliefs come up together to make their lifetime aspiration of building their own business. 

* 63% of people under 33 years old would like to build their own business, according to a University of Phoenix survey. (University of Phoenix, 2014)*1

Investors Portal

Once you become part of the project, you'll be given an access key for our investors portal, where you'll be informed about the company. In this portal, you will also be able to attend to our events, meetings, and enjoy your  advantages as a member.  


Half of U.S. Working Adults Own or Want to Own Their Own Businesses, Finds University of Phoenix Survey. (2014, August 04). Retrieved from


We'd love to meet and get to know you!

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